My name is Jeff Brooks and I am the owner, operator and lead trainer of Master Fitness Studio.

My personal training career started almost by accident while I was in the U.S. Army Reserves on active status about to return to regular Army Reserves (doing one weekend per month duty).

I had always been an avid workout guy and one day my commander spotted me as I was heading across the street to the gym. He called me over and told me that I was going to be appointed as the head of the overweight program for our company. This basically meant that I was to lead extra physical training sessions for the Soldiers in our company who were overweight and in danger of getting kicked out of the military as a result.

One day as I had the group working through various bleacher drills, one (or some) of them complained about how hard it was. I laughed and said “you know, there are civilians out there who pay good money for the kind of training you are getting right now…” and with that the light bulb went off and shortly thereafter a trainer was born.

I worked for Spectrum Athletic Clubs for 8 years of my training career and loved the people and the environment and to this day I don’t think I have worked alongside a more talented, gifted, charismatic and brilliant group of people.

After several years of amazing growth and development, Spectrum was bought out by Gold’s Gym and is where I parted ways with the organization and decided to branch out on my own.

What started as one on one personal training has morphed over time into a training approach that harnesses the intimate feel and attention of a personal training session while expanding to cater to a small group of people. I have crafted a training approach that is easy to follow while offering tons of diversity and all the while helping clients learn to apply the basics of movement to hundreds of different exercises using many different training tools.

The intent is to help YOU master fitness not necessarily to view me as the master of all things fitness.