Personal training has evolved beyond that of having a trainer simply stand by while you exercise.
You don’t need a trainer to make sure that every single repetition is done with extreme precision.

You need someone to:

Provide a safe, challenging and effective workout for you

Make sure you are doing the exercises safely and correctly

Motivate you to push harder and do more than you would on your own

My fitness training model has evolved into small group training over the years because it is definitely more enjoyable and affordable when you share your training time with others.

Some people need very little correcting when they are shown an exercise for the day’s workout routine. For these people it is simply a matter of being shown what to do.

Some people need quite a bit of oversight as they learn or perform certain exercises. For these people more hands on help is needed and offered until they master the movement they are working on.

The goal for trainers operating at Master Fitness Studio is to provide the right amount of hands on help when it is needed and keep a watchful eye on everyone during each session to make sure everyone is doing the right thing.

Fitness training can be expensive to start up and even more so to keep going for any length of time. I would much rather people have the ability to get the help they need for the period of time they actually need it so they can see the fruits of their labor rather than spend a huge sum of money for a few training sessions that may not leave them much better of than when they started.

Most people who seek out a personal trainer’s help have similar goals:

  • Lose weight
  • Get stronger
  • Feel better about themselves

There are tons of specifics out there, of course, but they all really boil down to one of these.

If we all have the same goal, then we all can follow similar protocols to get to those goals. You don’t REALLY need a workout designed specifically for you because the things that help me, my wife, my friends and others get fit and stay that way can certainly help you and others too!

If we all can use the same tools to get to our goals, why pay 3 times as much for the guidance to get there?

I would love to help you for as long as you need me, which is why I designed this training to be accommodating to as many people as possible without losing the personal training touch you need and expect.