Fight Your Way To A Fit Physique And Lose Weight By

Punching And Kicking Your Way To Torch Those Extra Calories !


Had a rough day at work?

Have some pent up aggression?

Need a good way to burn off some energy?


Come try a kickboxing class where you actually FEEL the impact of your strikes!



Fight Club Cardio is a class where not only do you get to punch and kick like you would in a large, traditional kickboxing class, but you get to punch, kick and strike punching bags and mitts so you get to feel the power of your punches and FEEL the core work involved with controlling those strikes.

NO shadowboxing here!

Unlike large classes that let you can hang in the back of the room and get lost, Fight Club Cardio is limited to just 4 people per session…

Each class is guided with step by step instruction to ensure you are striking safely so you don’t injure yourself and with power so you maximize the calorie burn!

Short And Fast Classes!

Each class is about 30 minutes long and in that time you burn more calories than you would in an hour on a treadmill! The sessions are constantly evolving so you easily learn the moves along the way.

Small Group Sessions!

No huge classes to get lost in. No hiding in the back of the room trying to figure out what’s going on by yourself. Each class is small so the attention and direction you need to get the most from class is available to you.

Made For All Fitness Levels!

Each class is structured in a way to make sure that you do what you can to get the most out of each session. Even if you can’t perform some of the moves, there are alternate ways to get the same effect and the same benefit. No matter your ability level, this class will work for you.

Workout Two Days A Week!

The workout schedule in this program is setup for two fight club cardio days each week. Classes typically meet on Tue and Thu with three separate workout times throughout the day.

It’s Just $99 A Month!

(That’s Less Than $12.50 A Session!)

Fight Club Cardio classes are held in a private training studio conveniently located off of Loop off of

1604 and Lockhill – Selma in San Antonio, TX.

4730 College Park

San Antonio, TX 78249

> There is NO gym to join and NO membership fees. Just pay for your classes and then come get fit!

Class Schedule:

Tue & ThU:

(morning classes)



(afternoon classes)






Contact me directly to sign up or get more information!

(I have to make sure there is room for you in the class you’re interested in)


Don’t Wait!

(These classes fill up fast so reserve your spot today! Once class is full it may be a long time before there is space to invite new people in…)

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